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Jerry DeGregory

I live in Lauderdale County, Alabama, near Lexington, on 75 acres of beautiful pastures and woodland. I received my Master's in sociology from Memphis State University and my PhD from the University of Missouri,Columbia. I have academic minors in psychology and political science. Before my retirement, I taught college courses related to my specialization in criminology and theories of deviant behavior. Now, however, I am pursuing an intense interest in spiritual matters, which I regard as of much more enduring consequence than anything I taught in the fields of sociology and criminal justice. I realize that I have always wanted to bring love, compassion, and wisdom into the way of life which is ours to create and share. The things I studied in my formal academic career are a reflection of that desire and my present, more expanded pursuit of spiritual knowledge is, after all, not a great departure from that underlying intent.

Respecting the Creator Requires Respect for the Creation: An Ongoing Environmental Challenge in Alabama

Tyson Fishkill, Mulberry Fork of Sipsey River, Alabama Greetings my friends.¬† Yesterday, November 20, I noticed an article in our local paper, The Times Daily ( ). This article reports on recent developments in the investigation of ” the largest recorded fish kill in state history.” I decided […]