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My friends, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE PICTURE BELOW THAT ACCOMPANIES MY OWN MESSAGE HERE AS ANYTHING THAT I PROMOTE. I receive Facebook posts from a private group called Spirit of the Blue Feather. I have been a member of that group for many years. I have been noticing that some of their posts are offensive to me. The one pictured below is the one I received today that broke this old camel’s back. The paragraph immediately below this one is a copy of my comment on their post. I am sharing my view with all of you because I oppose the fostering of hatred, whether it be interpersonal or interracial. I am here to promote the very opposite and I will not stand by and watch while so much damage is done to the achievement of PEACE among all people, all nations, all nationalities, all races, all ethnic groups. This is my fire and it will not be extinguished.–Jerry D.

[begin my comment to Spirit of the Blue Feather]

I have been a member of the Spirit of the Blue Feather for a long time because I have a strong and affectionate association with the indigenous people. I have reincarnated here now in the spirit of peace and reconciliation. I have lived many lifetimes as a Native American but I do not have enough native biology in this lifetime to be considered Native American. That is the way of it. Many of those you see as “whites” have not always been white and many who are now native have not always been native. The roles get reversed from lifetime to lifetime. This is part of a loving, benign design intended to make it easier for us to understand others–because we have walked in their shoes in previous life times. It may even be the case that, in a previous lifetime, you were among those who you now condemn. Michele Wolf, you must be new to this planet. I am not. I am an old soul who knows from many hundreds years of experience here that the spirit that you are fostering with posts like this one is dark and counter productive. It does not in any way make things better. It calls some to pay attention to you in a very hostile way, people who mean you no harm, who wish you no injustice, but who will turn a hostile ear toward the cries for justice that are well warranted. You do no one a good service by fostering such animosity between people.

I have no intention of resigning my membership in this group. This is where I want to be and where I need to be. I ask everyone to reflect upon this: Have you observed any improvement in the condition of Native Americans as a result of fostering hatred among our peoples? Where is the improvement in this? Remember the saying, being crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you want different results, then stop doing what you have been doing over and over. Stop.

Peace and happiness to all.


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