Expect Only Benevolence in This New Earth

Redbuds in Spring

Kryon says that we old souls are protected and to expect benevolence. I have felt protected and since I know this is New Earth, I do expect only good things.

During our recent vacation when we were nearing Chester, Illinois, we followed a detour, due to flooding.  The GPS map routed us to an unpaved road, then a turn onto what appeared to be a field road.  Leery, I followed directions and drove on until I got to what looked like a creek that needed a bridge.  I didn’t walk over in the mud for a closer look, but it looked like a drop-off and a steep climb back up to the road.  Jerry did look and said there was at least two feet of water in it.

At left in the background is the city of Cairo, background right is the U.S. 51 bridge over the Ohio River to Kentucky, and center is the U.S. 60/62 bridge over the Mississippi River to Missouri. (Source: Illinois Department of Transportation/Facebook)

It was hard to see to back up, so I turned off the road with intent to turn around.  At 1:30 a.m. we got hopelessly stuck. 

Pasta Plant: Gilster-Mary Lee manufactures a full line of pasta, add-meat dinners, mac & cheese items, and RTS (ready to spread) frosting in this 400,000 square foot plant.

Immediately, we saw car lights coming from where we had been heading.  How miraculous that seemed at this hour of the night on a lonely field road!  It was a jeep and it drove across the ditch, no trouble for four wheel drive and mud tires. It was a couple of good Samaritans!  While Jerry and the young man got the car back on the road, the young lady told me that she, too, had been directed down that road.  She said she’d been driving an Impala and just gunned it.  Tore up her car a little.

These kids who seemed like angels had us follow them all the way to our hotel and the man even got out to say a few words to Jerry and bid good-bye.  Jerry offered him money.  Since I’m from near that neck of the woods, I knew it was against the culture.  The man’s response was, “Nah, that’s what we do!” 

I said thanks to Spirit many times for our rescue and I know Jerry did, too.

With only that short delay, we continued our vacation with family.  Highlights were drives around the Chester area and the Mississippi River.  My brother-in-law had a big hand in the success of Gilster-Mary Lee manufacturing plants during his long career from which he retired recently, so he drove us around several plants and corporate sites.  The highlight was a tour of a huge plant in Steeleville, shown in the above picture.

We enjoyed that trees had leafed out everywhere we went, from home to the Smoky Mountains, and up to Southern Illinois.  Even some were displaying spring blossoms.  And when we reached the Tennessee/Alabama state line we were awed by the natural beauty that was noticeably further alone in the Alabama warmth.


You may be thinking that the flooding we have in the Midwest this year doesn’t look like benevolence.  That’s for sure.  But remember that Mother Earth is still making changes that are a part of creating our wonderful New Earth.  So ultimately, it’s good for everyone.  Another factor could be that Collective Consciousness affects the weather, but I don’t want to get into that right now.  You could look up “Seth” and “weather” to find out more on those effects.

It’s been a terrible experience for many people, though, while many people have been lucky to have had little trouble.  You might ask why God does such things and doesn’t treat people evenly.  And I tell you that we each create the circumstances in our own life and can control how our life fits into the larger human experience on Earth.  That is a major reason for Jerry’s and my New Earth Blog.

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