Everyday Life

Life in the Slow Lane While the Outside World Is Crazy

Our UPS guy has tested positive.  Evidently, this whole county had better stay in our houses, awaiting final imprisonment by the dark side via their Democrat party, their BLM and their Antifa.  This house arrest in some states for having been exposed to a virus and not getting sick is ridiculous.  We will all test positive, eventually.  Ever hear of an “internal immune system”?  Or has that concept been banned?

Makes me want to go someplace, which I rarely want to do. I’d rather stay home and watch the many deer and the birds.  Earlier, for the first time a bigger deer subspecies, like in Southern Illinois, passed through.  Now, the usual tiny Alabama deer have returned to the backyard and the old horse pasture.  Several kinds of berries make it a desirable place to graze.  The other day Jerry got afraid that they’d not leave him any of his blueberries and fenced around the bushes he planted this year.

Colter planting the new Japanese maple in the front yard back in the spring.

We have a new family of Barn Swallows atop the carport light.  They fly off the platform to sweep around, collecting bugs into their mouths.  We can see the mouth of the baby swallows sticking up, waiting for Momma’s treats.  Bugs are usually thick at night under the carport, this time of year, but not bad, now.  I hope the swallows nest there every year.  Barn Swallow Pics. So pretty. 

Goldfinch flock over the many kinds of wild yellow-flowered grasses.  Hummingbirds are here, too.  I was lucky to catch glimpses of yellow female Summer Tanagers with the red males.  I can’t see clearly whether one of the backyard Dogwood trees is hosting Tanagers or Cardinals.  It’s difficult to catch them with binoculars.

I rarely mention the good ol’ American Crows’ continual presence, though they are pretty fascinating.  Usually when I hear hawks raising a ruckus, the crows are chasing them away from their nests.  Why one day the crows were flying after vultures, I do not know.  The vultures may have been roosting too close to the crows’ nests.

Hawks and owls are less evident in the backyard, lately.  Hopefully, they’ve eaten all the rodents near the house, including squirrels after they lived for a time in our walls.  The rabbit population is growing, as seen at the edges of pastures.

My not so young, but youngest son, Colter, has moved here and we’re so very happy to have him with us!  He’s taken charge of the yard, including the vegetable garden, which now provides a bounty of food.  He’s tended flowers in the front yard and planted a flower bed as my Mothers’ Day present!  He transplanted our failing Japanese maples to the shade inside the front yard fence and a new maple now thrives under the oaks outside the fence.

Why go anywhere?  Kryon’s messages and shaman Dr. Gregory Antyuhin’s classes are in our den, via internet.  I only occasionally have to send Jerry to the grocery store, until my knees repair and I can go myself.  I plan, though, to make a trip to the fabric and leather stores in Nashville in a couple of weeks.

The original floating shelves Jerry made

My knees have spent a year regrowing after osteoarthritis, with the help of PRP, ozone, stem cells and amniotic fluid.  The most important factor in healing is a consciousness of JOY and optimistic expectation.  I had to work on that.

Since winning the mind battle I’ve been walking a little more and am getting excited to get some sewing done and continue learning apparel design and textile art.  Jerry’s re-installing the floating shelves in the main textile room of the studio, now that we’ve come up with an improvement in mounting them.  The new shelves will be unpainted Eastern Red Cedar.

Jerry’s highest delight is that he’s ordered a new mower—a zero-turn-radius, 6′ wide front mount, rear discharge Grasshopper lawn motor, plus new batteries for the pole saws. Woo hoo!!  He needs them.  With all the rain during winter and spring, grasses, herbs, bushes and new trees have sprouted everywhere, and will take over if not cleared.  Here’s a video for our fellow mowers:

What a beautiful dark day.

A summer storm downpour has just begun.

How we love it!

Life Is Wonderful!

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