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Thanksgiving and Another Hectic Day in the Country

Wild Color

Embroidery on @royalneedlework Instagram

Today, Jerry is stoked over reading the book Wild Color, on making and using natural dyes. while I’m capturing inspirational pictures from Instagram, like the one shown, which is by Royal School of Needlework. I’m going to mend Colter’s sock cap and choose a book from the studio.

I’ve bought books on all the crafts we’re doing and plan to do, soon, including a few on making and using dyes and inks.  I think my next read will be one of my antique sewing books, this one on the Bishop Method of Clothing Construction.  I’ve always followed pattern instructions, but now I’m picking back up on Apparel Design and need to know this recommended method for making my own designs.  Selling is not, at least yet, the point.

Jerry’s heading out to do some clearing in the woods across from the house, to improve our view from the porch and allow Kubby Kabota baby truck to drive into that area. He and our son, Colter, have put “No Trespassing” signs up around the perimeter of the woods.  They found two deer stands and one fancy hunting tent and removed them.  No one has ever been granted permission to hunt here.

It’s sad to know that people entice deer by feeding them and then pick them off.  There’s no manliness in that.  It seems more like murder than hunting. Anyway, Kryon suggests not to kill unless you NEED their meat, etc.  Mother Nature takes care of any eventuality of overpopulation.  So join me in envisioning all woods being sanctuary.

When Jerry gets back I’m sending him to pick up our Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner for ten, for three of us (seems about right), along with groceries for side dishes to go with leftovers.

May you be blessed on this Thanksgiving.  We’ll be having

another hectic day in the country.

Here are some pics of Jerry clearing the pasture last November.

The toy dump truck and long pole saw facilitate a lot of clearing in a very short time.

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  1. I’m cooking sweet potato casserole, glutenfree cornbread dressing, and crustless pumpkin pie. Going to Jesse and Shannon’s tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


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