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Distractions and Repairs ~ Just Living in the Moment

goldfinch-american-02-25-jWell, now, this is why it seems I don’t get much done.  It’s been a day of distractions.  First off, I came into the kitchen after sleeping late to find young American Goldfinches feasting on the one hanging feeder out the window in front of my computer.  These are the birds that were so tiny last week that I couldn’t figure out what they were, up in the very top small branches of the trees.  They’re  growing noticeably, daily, with more yellow and black coming out on the males.  The females seem to have a tiny bit more yellow-green tinges, now.  I also occasionally see a titmouse, sparrow, blue bird or wren.  I’m still learning to identify them.

summer-tanagers[Well, darn, we have to go drop my Expedition off for repair right now…]

I’m back.

I was about to say that a couple of young Summer Tanagers have also shown up for the seeds, looking like strawberry syrup has been poured on their head and drizzled down.  The lighting isn’t right for pictures and if I go outside, they’ll leave.

[rd 6/12/2017.  I’ve been meaning to make a correction.  These were labeled Summer Tanager where I found the picture, but they are Purple Finch.  A mistake of a newbie sometimes resorting to the internet.]

All the birds are hatched and growing and some trees are budding out, though Accuweather says we will still have some night temperatures in the twenties, before freezes have ended.

After the bird distraction, I started showing Jerry a workhorse sewing machine candidate while getting the man who never used to drink water to drink medicine tea, prebiotics in water, liquid vitamins, and aloe vera, along with his oatmeal and milk.  No room for his mocha, he said. I notice he can stand huge amounts of ice tea or Dr. Pepper!

A little wren just showed up.  I may have to close the blinds in order to write.  Speaking of blinds in the kitchen, we had more distractions, tracking 3 out of 5 blinds we ordered.  Right after we got our answer, Fedex dropped them off.  Now Jerry’s not interested in the sewing machine.  He has a new job (installing five blinds) that will consume him until done.  I can’t complain about a man who does things too fast.

The new front fence for Little P is done.  Jerry had to make it larger to avoid tree roots and solid rock.  I’ll take pics soon.  P will probably require a few more months for complete healing, but he’s doing well and happy to be left outside during warm days.  We suspect his hearing may have been damaged in the attack and we ask that it be healed.

More news on the water incidents that stemmed from Jerry’s energetic configuration.  We noticed huge gas usage at our home that’s for sale and empty.  Two harebrained smart people had turned off the water for winter, but left the gas water heater on.  Money flowed down the drain.  While on the way over to turn it off, we realized that this is not a new water incident; rather, it’s an ending to a previous water incident.  I hope Jerry faithfully does the meditations I told you about in the last post.

How have you all felt since the energies of The Event from end of December through around mid January, I guess, and then the full moon and lunar eclipse that opened a gateway into a new energy path?   We have slept late and for awhile, felt groggy when we got up, sometimes taking an afternoon nap.


I don’t know why I didn’t get back to this and post it.  It seems finished, but I’ll add a little more.

All the birds have daily grown bigger and more colorful.  It’s been warm with little wind, so I was able to sit longer on the porch a few times, getting accustomed to the white picket fence.  Little P can stay out all day, now, which makes him happy.

Jerry installed all the 2.5″ wooden blinds here in the kitchen.  They allow us to move around more without the birds noticing and look so much nicer than the old mini blinds.  Now we have picked out panel track blinds for the patio door.

Repairs were “completed” on the rental house.  Flaws and omissions are too numerous to list.  At least one of the crew was disrespectful toward a renter and damaged an electrical plug that could have burned the house down.  It appeared they must have been drunk or drugged out.  The first company rep said they would fix all but the bumpy, wavy vinyl plank flooring.  Jerry said he wouldn’t pay, then got his expected call from the “good guy” higher up.  He came out to look, anyway, agreed that we don’t have to pay and offered to refund our deposit.  He was shocked that Jerry refused it, saying that they deserved that much for the little they’d done right.  This was all Arcus Restoration.  They did a great job of mitigating damage, but didn’t do half what they were supposed to have done in repairs.  Also, they were charging $3 per sq. ft. for vinyl planking that you can buy for $.49 per sq. ft.  They will go on my not recommended page.

Is that a positive reality-creating paragraph? 

Well, yes.  It shows that we successfully set boundaries for what we will and will not accept from builders.  Knowing the Law of Attraction, it should bring more good contractors into our lives.  We still have a few things to be done around here.

In fact, we did have some luck this week.

We got the oil changed in the Expedition at Express Lube.  One guy there had done some good work for Jerry in the past, so we asked them to take a look at why it was pulling hard to the left front, when braking.  Verdict:  need new ABS part and installation for $2000+, or $600 plus labor for a junk yard part, without guarantee.

I said, “What about the guy in Lexington where we buy tires?”  We took it there for next day repair and it was done the next day.  It is in fine shape now after replacement of a $29.82 brake hose on the right front side, plus $25 labor!  Lexington Tire will be the second business I can put on the recommended list.

Just as for major medical care, it behooves us to always get a second opinion on large expenditures.

Thanks to Jerry for correcting some of my technical details of what I still consider to be men’s work.


Lexington Tire


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