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Creating Life from the Inside Out

217317_1019774182459_7062_nWe are two old “old souls” living the good life in rural Lauderdale County, Alabama.  The two deer in the top picture are standing at the edge of our main woods.  Jerry planted 1000 pine trees when he first bought it in 1986.  He and all the plants have strong spiritual connections.

As I write this, we’ve been happily married for a year, now.  We’re always busy, but still find time to sit on the front porch most warm days, binoculars at hand, watching the birds, sometimes reading.  We’ve been studying how Reality is created and applying the lessons to ourselves.  What that means is that we have the power, as Co-Creators with God, to determine the lives we experience.  Being in control of ourselves and our environment is the big lesson of this New Earth.  Our New Earth Blog discusses how that’s done, so we won’t go over the “hows” here; rather, Living Local will show how we’re doing that.  We have many projects in mind that we’ll unfold here, as snapshots of our daily life.

~ Freedom from the Inside Out ~

New Earth is very much about Freedom and we espouse concentrating on our local communities as the best route to restoration of our Freedom.  Taking self-responsibility, we live from the Heart, outward, in service to our neighbors, county, and beyond.  This is what we mean by “Creating Life from the Inside Out”.  We will be free when we free ourselves and those around us, while those with a wider calling directly affect higher levels of government.  We in the real USA are lucky to have been given the Constitution as a gift from Higher Spirits.  It is time to appreciate that and regain it.

Therefore, this blog will also be about how we remove all tyranny from Lauderdale County.  It is our intent to participate in restoration of local control of schools; providing for people in need; assuring clean, unpoisoned air, water, land and food; allowing health practitioners and clients to offer midwifery and use energy, herbs and other medicines and modalities that assist the body in healing; support uncontrolled local news media….  Well, there’s a lot to do here, like most any area of this country.

We plan to enlist other people of Lauderdale in this effort.  We also hope that this account of progress in our locality will encourage you to do the same.  We invite you to abide with us in the Love that makes this possible.






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  1. The is just beautiful. I, too, live at the outskirts of town, although I’d like to be further out, with more property, a couple of horses and at least two dogs. There are many things that are missing from my life, but I deal with that on a day to day, non-intrusive way.

    Lauderdale County sounds like a wonderful place. There’s so much traveling of the U.S. that I missed. Hopefully, one day, I can make a trip to Alabama. I’ve never been there.

    Be blessed in all that you do because it does sound like you’ve got a true handle on your life. 🙂 Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year.

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  2. Thank you for this lovely note, Lea. I hope the things you desire will quickly come into your life. Just before I began this life with Jerry, I had accepted the essence of what I wanted (home ownership and beauty around me) in the form of renting a 320 sq. ft. tiny house on 2.5 acres that I hoped to buy. I didn’t know how, but I was determined to buy, “this or something better.” And the something better with the most loving man is what I have.


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