Creating Reality

Improving Your Life Balance and Personal Power

This article is about how to improve your life by improving the energies of your spiritual connections.  This shamanic work and energy work in general, done of good intent, does not conflict with any formal religion, in so far as the religion is of good intent.  It is simply working directly with the multi-dimensional physics of who we are and how we operate as incarnated beings.

I use Jerry as the example in this one.  🙂  He always knows when I write about him, so I’m not violating boundaries.

I wrote about our episodes of water pipes bursting, water spewing after ceiling and roof collapse, basements and roof leak, digging into a water pipe, etc.  We counted about ten such occurrences.  Jerry and I agreed that this issue was his.  I thought of how the element of water carries memories and emotions.  I didn’t sit in meditation and take a look at it.  I felt I might be prying into his secret thoughts and emotions, or ones that might make me feel uncomfortable.  We also have a real estate business issue.  So we asked our shaman what the problems are.


The answer and solution had to do with Jerry’s spiritual energetic configuration.  Jerry’s business part of his spirit (business spirit, for short–picture it above the right shoulder) was rather empty, and his social spirit (on right shoulder) was not very active.  We know that he doesn’t like to have anything to do with business and, while enjoying occasional small social interactions, he tends to be a hermit.

He has very high spiritual energetic frequency.  His monad (highest part of us that comes to a planet) is more active on the left.  That side of us includes the biological spirit (on left shoulder) and soul (higher up).  And he needs more grounding (stronger Earth connection).  Jerry wondered how that could be, since he has very good connection with nature, loving the ground, plants, animals, and waterways.  I think that could be the result of reading Kryon books every spare minute for the past few months.

The shaman had advised in his previous reading that Jerry spend more time in nature.  He did pick it up a little and felt very good from it.  Then he started Botanical Illustration Drawing class and got intent on building the fence to keep Little P safe from wolf dogs.  My thought is that those activities have kept him from being completely imbalanced toward the spiritual.

Jerry was told to do a meditation twice daily to make stronger connections to and support from his:

  • guardian angels
  • spiritual guides
  • spiritual teachers
  • ancestors
  • planet Earth
  • four directions, or four elements

In his mind, he is to look to the right and the left, to see his guardian angels, paying more attention to those on the right (guardians for business and social situations).  They will look, most likely, like sparkles.  [For physical or soul problems, look more for the guardian angels on your left.]

Mentally, speak to your guardian angels, that you love them; thank them for their support; affirm that you are together and that you want to see them and understand them more.  “I love you, my guardian angels…”

Speak similarly to your spiritual guides and teachers.  “I love you, my spiritual guides and teachers…  We are together, in front of God.”

Now, “look” behind you to find your ancestors.  You are looking at the soul of your ancestors.  No darkness, only Light.  “I remember you, my ancestors.  You are inside me.  I ask for your support.  Support my luck, my success.  Support my activity.”

Then meditate on your connections, individually, to Air (Force of Freedom); Water, ocean (Force of Life, Force of Memory); Fire (Force of Passion); Earth (Force of Water, Force of Clearness, Part of God, Force of Earth).  Visualize and connect each of them to your body, mind, and spirit, “Now and Forever”.

This work balances and strengthens your energies.  You will be more successful in whatever you desire.  It will help you be healthy and happy.  Check how you feel before and after this kind of work.  You will feel more balance, power, and confidence.  Isn’t that how you, with a piece of God inside you, ought to feel?

Feeling like that helps you to feel the moment of NOW.  No worry about yesterday or tomorrow, NOW is your point of power.  NOW, you are prepared to create your Reality with Intent.

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